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Well it’s just that sometimes, you have to convince yourself that you made the right choice and make it appear like it is ok. 

Now, i am living on an edge and kinda wrapped up with the the unknown direction and now i’m kinda lost with myself. 

Good thing is that i have someone who can give me the company. =D


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When we were kids, we are fond of dreaming. Dreams that were sometimes too bold or extravagant. But as we grow older, our dreams change into something that defines who we really. But there are also some of them that doesn’t become ours. But to our environment instead.

Our childhood dreams are unique, and so as our partner’s. For 12 years, i was bombarded to be this someone with flying colors, working in big industries with high paying jobs. Unfortunately, i lived in those dreams. Well to cut the story short, i went into a room of challenge where i need to choose whether my career or my partner.

My contract abroad ended and here i am in my homeland, Philippines. It’s been almost 5 months since i have arrived. And in those 5 mos i was unstable with where to go next.

But at this moment, i made the choice. Well my spirit had chosen already months ago. It’s just that my consciousness  has able to recognize where my spirit leads me. I chose the latter and gave up to be the perfect nurse of all humanity but even if i gave up on something that became my everyday life,there is no trace of any kind of regret. In fact, my dreams became broader and clearer. And now, these are humongous that make me leap everytime i visualize them.

What’s funny is that, my dreams are the missing puzzle of my partner’s bigger dreams. AMAZING!

I realized that, no sacrifice has forsaken. We just have to trust, wait and believe. Amen!

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Abundance Prayer

When I am afraid, I ask myself:
How can i give more to life?
When I am tangled in past regrets or
frightening stories of the future,
I bring myself into the present moment
And know that I am safe.
When i am tempted to complain
I choose praise and gratitude.
i take a deep breath.
I look around and see
How rich I am in the things that count.
I look within and see my unlimited potential
I realize that every moment is filled
with blessings
and every day I am alive
is a gift to be grateful for.
I remember that God is my Source
and abundance is reflected
in the faces of those
I have yet to learn to love.
eternally, this abundance says:
Every family is my family.
Every success is my success.
Every bride is my beauty
and every bridegroom my Beloved.
Every child is my new beginning
and every elder is my life ripe with experience.
Every dawn is my new day.
Every sunset is my world turning.
Every season is good
and offers its bounty to me
Every moment is mine to embrace
for it is the Eternal Now
forever expressing in, through, and for me.
I live in the Forever Here
that is alive in all.
Translucent grace shines in us,
awake and aware of the beauty we are
as we become all we were meant to be.
And so it is.

For it is in the giving we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to
eternal life.

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi..

I took this part from the book i read, ” The Heart of Abundance”. Such a beautiful book that will make you feel spiritually full while reading every page. 

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Journey together

It’s hard to do things you are not interested in doing. 

No matter how rational or irrational your partner is, there is that one aspect of him/her and yourself that goes together. Find that intersection in your relationship and explore it together. If it will help you grow together then it might be worth spending for. 

Don’t be afraid of trying new and different things. We must not forget that there is a big path ahead of us, and it’s a matter of exploration. And the best navigation is when you are with your partner.

Love each other’s difference. Its make your relationship challenging. =D

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