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It is inevitable that somewhere at anytime in a relationship, we give less attention to it after having the strong commitment. We even tend to neglect each other while focusing on our personal duty or on our individual activities. But even if we have outside interests from our partners, a strong relationship will keep the both parties make their own commitment making each other on top priority list.

Honoring commitment starts with the acceptance of having a good relationship which takes a lot of work and effort. Expect to have bad situations along the road, it is so typical. As long as you are open for compromise and adjustment, it won’t ever make you vulnerable. The catch of every tough times is to accept the rough patches. Forget the thought of pretending it didn’t happen and it didn’t make any difference coz one day it will. Better yet give all what the two of you got to solve each problem together before the sun sets and tell him you love him regardless of all the annoyance.


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No relationship is perfect. No one can also tell how long your relationship lasts or how soon it will end. But though, it is us who have the choice.  What we all need is the broadest mind and kindest heart. But you can make it your IDEAL RELATIONSHIP.

I am not perfect,neither are you. We are bound to fall into our own mistakes. Most of the time, we are easily fired up with the heat of argument with our partners without even thinking where it will lead. Don’t be dragged by your pride that you wanted to put the blame on him/her . We are at often instance fogged up by so much anger that we fail to make out the reality wherein there is no one to blame.It is just another opportunity for the both of you to grow though. And that’s one of the greatest things i learn in love. ~wink~

By definition,love is a virtue. The most unselfish emotion one can ever feel and experience. A lot of relationship fail to see this during in their commitment (unless the aren’t serious and were just playing around). If you love, you must learn to LOVE the fact of imperfection in every person. We must not expect and must not change our partner  into someone we wanted them to be. If you get to LEARN TO LOVE his/her mistakes, if you will LEARN TO LOVE the fact that like us-they are also capable of wrongdoings- you might be able to see every misunderstanding as an opportunity for growth.

99% of break-ups happened when two are arguing.. Most of the time, a simple argument gets complicated. Most women habitually serve previous argument into plate like summoning up previous fault of their partner. Yes I admit that sometimes I am like that. But I am now reprogramming my attitude not to. So you shouldn’t as well.

If you really want to have the best love story ever told in history, you shouldn’t provoke your partner for a break-up. Never decide during the heat of the argument. Think before you speak coz sometimes, it is better not to speak up than regret it later on. As they say, “if you don’t have good thing to say, then don’t say anything”.  Take time to breath and think. Be smart in dealing with difficult situation.  Don’t forget that it is always better to talk and compromise.  He has the whole thing that you stayed long as his or her partner, so don’t risk everything just because of unreasonable fight .

Men may not be expressive as women. Savor the moment when he say I LOVE YOU out from an ordinary day. Don’t question his feelings. They don’t like it. Just continue to love. Even if he has hurt you, just love him. He might be upset now but it would surely be off the next moment. LOVE is everything when you feel like there is nothing. Love more. =D

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