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Sometimes I overlook the meaning of true love as I did try to seek it by character. But what I have come to realize is, it’s what you can do and what you have done to that person you truly love to make your relationship a truly loving one. Love never fails and it will never fail us. I only have one romantic relationship in my whole life but I fell in love million times and will fall again and again with the same person. I may not have the perfect relationship but God sent me the perfect person who showed me how to love an imperfect me. True love doesn’t go on the good looks and wealth of the person. It is how you feel when you are with him. It is also not all about the emotion, but most importantly how it is shown to you. As what we have known, action speaks louder than voice. When you love, just show it and let him feel. You will also feel it more than you have projected it.

For me, he is the most handsome guy and the most lovable person in my entire existence. Even if he has a lot, I mean tons of shortcomings, I never considered those as reasons to leave him nor cheat him. Even if how mad I am, even if he have crushed my heart so many times, it never crossed my mind to look for another boyfriend. That’s how I truly love him. I am patient with his mistakes though I have thrown nasty words on him but he also didn’t bother to make it a reason to doubt on me.  He is my kinda guy. =D Like any other relationships, we also had few attempts of breaking up, but  we always end up being together. That’s true love,it perseveres unconditionally.

If you want to ask what’s true love for me, well it believes in the word of God on love, be completely honest with each other, understanding the level of commitment truthfully, protecting each other sincerely, have faith and never doubt your hopes and most importantly, trust your relationship.

Certainly true love isn’t easy but,it will always worth all your fight. Once we find that true love, it can never be replaced by anything even the most expensive diamond ring.



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Remembering the first few months with him is gratifying. It is still in my nerves all the giggles of our small talks with all the ‘knowing more each other’ stage. Everything was so innocent and new with him around and all our first time’s are just so lovely to feel them again and again. We were so young then that we were only thinking of exchanging sms and talking late in the phone ( like i really mean when the roaster calls).  Our first few days, weeks, months and years made us last this long which i can fairly say strong.. and is getting even stronger and will be getting even better and better. That’s how i believe in us.

Like in any other long distance relationship, i have my struggles. It cannot be denied that sometimes we can think of unacceptable decision like getting even with our partners if they have done wrong that have hurt us. I too sometimes think of that, but i chose not to as it isn’t the true sense of fair play. But what i do instead is that i engage myself in going back our memories, both the happy and the not quiet happy… I can really attest to the fact that the amount of happiness and laughter can certainly kill a deadly wound. A popular thought of counting the happiness than the pain is indeed very effective to smear our clouded thoughts and judgments from being hurt.  Once it is stained with the great memories, certainly you will feel more delighted to be in your relationship if it is worth the stay. Every time i feel down not hearing anything from him, i only think of how we met, the first time we held hands, the first time we prayed, the first time we ate in a fancy restaurant, and so on. The butterflies in my tummy are more reactive as i get myself to visit our past.

They say leave the past behind. But i think, GREAT PAST is not worth the LEAVING.

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I am not any love guru who can define about love. But I can tell what love is for me. It is all about knowing all the flaws but yet still needing to be with him more than any other person. It is giving all the trust and confidence which makes it enough to tell him everything about my self not minding of what he will say particularly all the awfulness and awkwardness of me. It gives me the feeling of comfort and contentment even if it takes a lot of patience. And that’s exactly what i have for the the past 9 years…. and counting =D

We have celebrated 9 valentine’s day together and it always feels like the first time. The giggle is still intense and that heart-throbbing experience everytime I see him. The butterflies are still butterflies in my tummy and now they are like millions of them already that floods my whole body.

Always make your every date extra special than your previous coz it makes your partner feel more excited. Surprise him with your out of ordinary style when you go out. So for this valentine’s day 2012, you may want to give him a new experience from a new environment.

Like for now, we will just be holding our date online with all the difference in time zone. However, I will make it more fun if time permits. Love conquers all, so i will conquer the distance. =D

Happy Lover’s Day!! xoxo

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I can say that my relationship has so much success. Me and my partner have very different roles but we see ourselves as often equal. We always take each view’s highly valuable or won’t compete with our interest as more important than the other. Also, we always make it definite that we are making fundamental contribution to our relationship and must know where we stand. That’s how we deal with the dominance thingy.

It is flattering everytime my partner asks for my opinion(oh he really does..like frequently). I feel more valued more than anything else and it shows that he really believes and trusts my views. Well likewise, I do believe in him as well especially in rationalizing my impeccable judgments sometimes. He is my second best counselor next to my family.  That’s one of his roles, the counselor. And one of mine is his psychologist. Once he said that i am the pscyhologist of a psychologist-he is a psych grad so that’s why.

Making a joint decision on big issues will bring out all the creative solutions and you will learn how to compromise. Like for me, When we love to go somewhere, I always do the planning and he will intervene. Though sometimes he takes my role and I take his. I must admit that he is more creative than I am..~ sigh! So i make it to the point that i will just do the planning. hehe It’s like I am the compass and he is the captain. So basically, we are better together than being apart.

It feels so good when you know your role. You get to develop your strength that might be the weakness of your partner and vice versa. Just imagine how you both put back the missing puzzle in your lives and that being together completes the perfect picture. And that’s what we have right now. A complete movie picture!


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It is inevitable that somewhere at anytime in a relationship, we give less attention to it after having the strong commitment. We even tend to neglect each other while focusing on our personal duty or on our individual activities. But even if we have outside interests from our partners, a strong relationship will keep the both parties make their own commitment making each other on top priority list.

Honoring commitment starts with the acceptance of having a good relationship which takes a lot of work and effort. Expect to have bad situations along the road, it is so typical. As long as you are open for compromise and adjustment, it won’t ever make you vulnerable. The catch of every tough times is to accept the rough patches. Forget the thought of pretending it didn’t happen and it didn’t make any difference coz one day it will. Better yet give all what the two of you got to solve each problem together before the sun sets and tell him you love him regardless of all the annoyance.

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Don’t get addictive to your partner. I have known a lot of relationships ended because they thought they have more pain and despair rather than love. Many have asked me how I survived for many years without doubting any uncertainties that arise in my relationship. Oh well, basically it depends on how you see the connection between you and the relationship per say.

When you love, it should be aiding and not killing you. It should not be painful to the point that you feel like it is crushing more your excruciating heart and slaughtering  your sanity coz if that’s so, then there must be something wrong. =(

It’s totally normal to want a relationship to last, but to assume isn’t fair. Because the more you expect, the more it will get noxious. And, there would be a probability that you will forget your own goals  ‘coz you will keep on whining about your frustrations.

I always take myself as my priority coz everything I do is a reflection of what I will have. And, I never considered being obsessed with my relationship.  I don’t wanna be infatuated for the reason that I don’t want to merely depend on my partner. But it doesn’t mean I don’t talk to him about stuffs like what should he do, but it’s more on I will do my thing and it’s up to you to do yours. But If there’s anything that upsets me which needs to be talked about, I tell him. Here’s what I believe to be helpful . (spare me if you don’t agree.~wink)

Sometimes being alone is fun rather than clinging with each other 24/7. It will give you time to grow as a being and not just a lover. Sooner you will learn that your morale doesn’t depend to your partner. Never ever expect for your partner to fix your mood if you don’t want to get hurt more.

Respect each other’s interests. It’s okay to be get involved with his stuffs sometimes but if it isn’t gives you comfort, then recognize them. Don’t restrict him with his social life or interests. I for all time support him with what he does. I always tell him to reconnect with his old friends and have fun always.  My job here is just to remind him that, “hey, I think you need a break”. He is a one hell workaholic type of person. And it’s a bit annoying sometimes. =)

We often tease each other’s physical imperfections but with no offense. Though he is a bit big,like literally big, I embrace his individuality. It is always up to him or it is always up to our partners if they will change their own image. Don’t be the one to change them according you or own ideal image.

In every disagreement, always talk and compromise. Let the love do the talking and you will surpass any argument. That’s the most powerful weapon in killing fights. Be real and deal all the aspects that you think is a threat to your relationship. Don’t be deluded with the fact that avoiding the unpleasant will make you feel better. It’s a BIG NO NO! It is best to let him know than repressing it. Quarrels get extreme because of unresolved conflicts and issues that have not been dealt with from the past. So better yet resolve it right away.

Always give each other a room to grow. Always desire continuous growth for you and your partner. You will just be surprised that one day, you two are the most amazing couple in the whole universe. =D Encourage each other to for each other’s worth. Don’t fear of change, just see it as an opportunity for the better.

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