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I can say that my relationship has so much success. Me and my partner have very different roles but we see ourselves as often equal. We always take each view’s highly valuable or won’t compete with our interest as more important than the other. Also, we always make it definite that we are making fundamental contribution to our relationship and must know where we stand. That’s how we deal with the dominance thingy.

It is flattering everytime my partner asks for my opinion(oh he really does..like frequently). I feel more valued more than anything else and it shows that he really believes and trusts my views. Well likewise, I do believe in him as well especially in rationalizing my impeccable judgments sometimes. He is my second best counselor next to my family.  That’s one of his roles, the counselor. And one of mine is his psychologist. Once he said that i am the pscyhologist of a psychologist-he is a psych grad so that’s why.

Making a joint decision on big issues will bring out all the creative solutions and you will learn how to compromise. Like for me, When we love to go somewhere, I always do the planning and he will intervene. Though sometimes he takes my role and I take his. I must admit that he is more creative than I am..~ sigh! So i make it to the point that i will just do the planning. hehe It’s like I am the compass and he is the captain. So basically, we are better together than being apart.

It feels so good when you know your role. You get to develop your strength that might be the weakness of your partner and vice versa. Just imagine how you both put back the missing puzzle in your lives and that being together completes the perfect picture. And that’s what we have right now. A complete movie picture!



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Which are you in favor? Same attracts or difference attracts?

Me and by beau don’t share same principles in life. I based mine on my experiences while his is on others’. He loves reading so most of his ideals are book-based. And we often make a beautiful argument because of our differences. It is like he is more idealistic and I am more practical. Though we aren’t much more the same, bluffing what we have for couple of years will just go nowhere.

He doesn’t like watching tv coz he believes it only gives pessimism which I don’t agree. I love watching TV series, while he don’t. He has a lot of unlike that I like. From thoughts, ideology, people, ways, etc. and I so hate it coz it seems he wouldn’t make an ally.

But rather than looking the downside of the variations, I must say that there is always a way when we want it badly to be ok. I cannot compete with what he loves to do but I can embrace with the totality of positive reception. I for once tried his ‘craziness’ and he has tried mine. There were some that pleased me but there are also that didn’t. The good thing is, I even appreciate him all the more with his cool crafts.

The edge of contrariety in attitude, character, or any interests might complement you with each other.  You will absolutely have fun acquainting what his world looks like and you get to learn stuffs that aren’t in your radar. Isn’t it pretty that you have a lot of things to talk and learn to? For us to understand more our partners, we have to at least be in their shoes for some time. I don’t think that there is any harm in trying. And to have a fair play, you can also let him wear your pump heels so that he can be more thoughtful next time. =D


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When i say ‘i love you’ to someone, i mean it. It’s my simplest way of saying, ” you mean so much to me and i want you in my life permanently”. I tell that to my family,friends and relatives,to my dogs, or to anything that give value to me. It’s just that ‘love’ comes in different forms. So when i say “i love you” to my family, the implication is different when i say “i love you” to my man. Proud to say, at my early age of 24,i am in a 9yr commitment already. (yeah yeah yeah, i was 15 yrs old then.hahahaha) KUDOS TO ME AND MY BOYFRIEND!! WOW,right? But though,it isn’t that easy to nurture a relationship specially when there is a sense of ‘against the odds’ notion. What’s even more amazing is that, this is our first time. He is my first boyfriend (but i do have crushes before then) and i am his. We get to learn everything together along our relationship. And every experience is so perfect. Like any other relationship, ours is not perfect either. We have tons of ups and downs but what makes me even proud of is we helped each other to bring out the best in our relationship. When the other one is falling and loosing grip, the other one will toss the strongest rope to catch the falling one

I really believe that our path is not parallel, it really crosses a gazillion times. Why? see you in my next post. =p

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