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What makes a woman flatter is when their partner set dreams for her in their relationship. Like having babies with them, taking them into Paris for their honeymoon, building their dream house and so on. That really gives so many butterflies in women’s stomach. Isn’t it romantic? I think it really is. =D

My daily affirmation in my relationship is, “..i believe in us..”.  That’s one of the things I have a strong grip on. We may not have the luxury of time to be together (I work overseas by the way), or communicate every time I want to but having that self-declaration makes me feel relaxed regardless of the distance. If you are in same boat as I am, trust your relationship. If you can think of the challenges you and your partner had been through, I know you will get through your rocks. Remind yourself with your shared dreams with your partner. Make it as your strong motivation to live each day. Besides, even if you two are far from each other, you are taking a part of him or her with you and that’s LOVE. Just don’t mix up your emotions of wrong assumptions that most people do. You need to be strong not only for your other half but also for yourself and to those people who believe in your relationhsip. You might inspire them to be accountable in their relationship and must not rely to their partner alone.. Love is a two-process, as we say.

So, what’s your affirmation?


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